Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a blockchain challenger

“Ethereum is already one of, if not the, most widely used technologies for developing and deploying enterprise blockchains. Enterprises love the availability of open-source implementations, a single standard, the rapidly growing developer ecosystem, and availability of talent. But enterprises expect resilient secure systems and a robust controls environment. EEA aims to bring these together, both to provide enterprises the forum they need and also to advance Ethereum general,”, Jeremy Millar, founding board member of EEA. Many initial members have developed pilots and production environments using Ethereum and bring unique understandings of enterprise needs.

Their efforts will be coordinated by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which will guide the engineering of a standard blockchain technology based on the Ethereum blockchain and customized for the needs of all enterprise members.

“The goal of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is to align the various interest groups, the users, the start-ups, the large technology platforms, to a single roadmap so that we can take those steps together”, Jeremy Millar, board member EEA. Enterprise Ethereum will build upon the current Ethereum scaling roadmap and maintain compatibility and interoperability with public Ethereum.

“The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance can address the concerns of organizations looking for private chain governance, but can also make contributions to the public Ethereum chain”, Jeremy Millar, board member EEA. “The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance project can play an important role in standardizing approaches for privacy, permissioning and providing alternative consensus algorithms to improve its usability in enterprise settings, and the resources the project and its members are contributing should accelerate the advancement of the Ethereum ecosystem generally” Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Inventor.

First, the HyperLedger Project is developing their own blockchain from scratch, led by IBM. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on the other hand is collaborating to tailor an existing open source Ethereum blockchain to enterprise needs.

Source: Finextra