The Financial Tech Revolution Will Be Tokenized

Since writing about bitcoin rival Ethereum and its visionary creator Vitalik Buterin for Fortune’s 40 Under 40 issue last year, the market for alternative currencies, or digital tokens, has exploded.

He’s working on a startup that has something to do with real estate and these newfangled digital tokens.

“It will be responsible for a great thawing of capital,” he told me, referring to the ability for people easily to buy and sell the tokens that fuel ICOs.

Token holders can trade these assets online at any time, unlike traditional venture capital investments, which are often locked up until a company is acquired or holds an initial public offering.

Despite concerns about the legality of ICOs-are tokens essentially unregistered securities?-Lubin noted that U.S. regulators are hesitant to crack down on the nascent sector for fear of crippling its potential.

Source: Fortune