Experts Are Gathering to Discuss How Blockchain Will Transform Our Future

Ultimately, blockchain technology and its developing applications promise a future with safer, more efficient ways to manage finances.

Currently, there are two main prevailing blockchains in existence: the Bitcoin blockchain, and the Ethereum blockchain.

While the Bitcoin blockchain is dedicated to the trade and storage of Bitcoins, Ethereum took the possibilities of blockchains further.

Since blockchain is a relatively new concept, it is important that the possibilities within it are explored from every angle, and the Ethereal Summit could be a great way for those working in and around this field to come together and pave a way for the future of blockchain.

The event will include “Art installations, virtual reality experiences, keynote speakers, and panels featuring some of the most prominent names in blockchain and beyond.” Among the keynote speakers are Vinay Gupta, a prominent blockchain thought leader; Maximilian Bech, creator of the first 3D blockchain model; Geena Rocero, transgender and identity activist; and Elizabeth Rossiello, co-founder and CEO of BitPesa.

To give another perspective on blockchain, Rocero will speak about the inherent inclusivity that blockchain provides.

They will work through ways that women and other underrepresented groups can push forward as leaders in the quickly advancing future of tech and blockchain.

Source: Futurism